Zastube - Video Uploading Script

Are you looking for script that will help you to upload your own videos properly? If yes then you can continue using this.
You don't need to worry about creating thumbnails manually because uploading system will help you to generate JPG automatically and the most important part is security, original path of video will be hidden while watching.


  • Proper uploading system
  • Category and page system
  • Secure video URL, expire after 24 hours
  • Generate JPG through video
  • Tags system for proper searching
  • Facebook comment system
  • Easy to configure
  • And more


  • Linux based dedicated or VPS hosting
  • PHP version >= 5.6
  • MySQL 5+
  • mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP shell_exec enabled
  • GD library enabled
  • FFmpeg
NOTE: FFmpeg is included, you don't need to install on your own.


Download script file and find documentation, after that follow the documentation steps.

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