Luxx - Clients, Invoices and Projects Management System

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- Demo Password: demo12345
Note: Modules are not included in the purchased script. They are sold separately.
12 Apr. 2019:
- Completely re-designed UI
- Support for custom contacts
- Charts
- Activities
- Updated modules
- Updated log in & sign up pages
- Fixes and more04 Feb. 2019:
- Removed the “Settings” section
- Added AJAX support for project tasks
- Added the option to e-mail the client in invoices20 Nov. 2018:
- Re-designed the landing page
- Added the functionality to download the invoices as PDF
- Integrated modules along with module widgets
- Created platform settings
- Re-worked alerts
- Full support for custom landing page themes
- Added billable hours for project workers
- Re-designed different parts of the interface
- Fixed various bugs16 Oct. 2018:
- Major redesign of the interface
- New platform functionalities
- Various bug fixes04 Oct. 2018:
- Say a warm hello to the new Luxx platform

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